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About Us

We stand for looking after the environment.

What we do

Be eco active thanks you for joining the movement and our commitment to helping the environment.

We constantly source products that minimize harm to our planets precious natural resources.

Our planet is a precious place and we believe in protecting it the best we can.

Our founder Chris grew up and lives in a country environment and is heartbroken to see the amount of single use plastics polluting our environment. Our eco marketplace is continually expanding  its range of eco-friendly products and will be working with vendors to open their stores on our platform to sell their eco-friendly products.

We would love to hear from you about any eco products you would like to see on our website or if you have any eco-friendly products to sell and would like to open a store on our eco-friendly


To share the benefits of eco friendly and sustainable products that can be used in place of single use items. Practical while helping the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


We are working towards having a sustainable future by finding and sharing products that are made to be practical, locally made where possible and sustain the environment we live in.

we love our environment

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